CrucialTrak Privacy Policy

CrucialTrak, INC. collects your personal information in accordance with relevant national statutes, such as the Personal Information Protection Act. You must read the following carefully and consent below.

1. Collection and purpose of use of personal information

Personal information we collect: Name, Card Number, Biometric information
a. How we use your personal information:
Authentication on BACS terminals, CruAMS integrated management operations

2. Items not to be collected

CrucialTrak, INC. does not collect any sensitive information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act by country & region.

3. Period of use and retention of personal information

When you request the destruction of your personal data in a period of your use of BACS solutions, all the information related to your account will be deleted. Any type of related data won’t be stored at all in accordance with the relevant statues not to allow the data to be stored immediately as soon as the request is accepted.

4. Right to refuse consent

You have the right to refuse the consent to collection and use of personal information in accordance with this guidance. However, you will be unable to use BACS terminals and CruAMS integrated management system if the consent to collection and use of personal information is refused, according to the required items of clause 1 above.

5. CrucialTrak, INC. personal information protection policy

The personal information you provide is encrypted and stored immediately in stage of the collection and never provided to third parties.