BACS™ Tube

Multi-biometric Access Control for Industrial Automation Security

Multi-Biometric Reader

An innovative solution for protecting assets using biometric facial and iris authentication. Tube reduces time and effort required in the existing card or password logon process while maintaining quality control through an efficient access control process.

Effortless Equipment Access

Tube reduces the time and effort required in standard password or card-based logon processes. With a simple look into the mirrored panel, authorized users will gain access to industrial equipment in less than a second. Up to two biometric authentication options — iris and face — ensure flexible access even when using e.g. a mask or a helmet.

Reliability & Convenience

Tube delivers convenience and highly accurate non-contact authentication to enterprise engingeers in any conditions. With close to a zero false acceptance rate, Tube protects your critical industrial assets from unauthorized users.

Biometric Technologies

All biometric templates are securely saved using AES 256 data encryption.

Multi-Biometric Reader
CrucialTrak’s unique facial recognition technology offers the fastest, most advanced and convenient authenticaton experience.

- Authentication in under a second
- Anti-spoofing facial recognition

Multi-Biometric Reader

- FAR 0.000001 % means virtually zero false acceptance rate
- Infrared technology detects the iris in any lighting condition


BACS™ (Biometric Access Control System) can be applied from critical infrastructures where the highest level of security is required, to small size businesses that have lower security requirements but still want to improve on unique authentication abilities

Biometric Access Control System Application

Automation Factories

Critical Infrastructure

R&D Labs

Hi-tech Manufacturing Facilities


BACS™ Tube
CPU 1.8 GHz Quad Core ARM CPU
Memory / Storage 4 G / 32 G
Built-in Display 1.81" OLED display
Color Pearl Black
Proximity Sensor Built-in
Optional Display HDMI monitor
Operation Mode Face and Iris (single or multi-mode)
Biometric Recognitions Iris Face
Camera 5 megapixels 1.3 megapixels
Focus Liquid lens auto focal Fixed focal
Recognition Distance Up to 60 cm / 2 ft Up to 80 cm / up to 2.6 ft
FAR/FRR of Algorithm 0.000001 / 0.1 0.001 / 0.1
Image Log Capacity 500 500
Data Encryption AES 256
Safety IEC-62471
Dimensions (W x D x H) 180 mm x 57 mm x 55 mm / 7.1 in x 2.2 in x 2.1 in
Weight 0.4 kg / 0.9 lb
Communications Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, RS-232C, RS-485, GPIO, Wiegand out
Event Log Capacity 100,000
Remote Control Built-in web server
Power 12 V DC / 3 A
Languages English (customizing available)
Operating Temperature -10 – 60 °C / 14 – 140 °F
Operating Humidity Max 80 % (RH)
Storage Temperature -10 – 60 °C / 14 – 140 °F
Certifications CE,  NRTL,  TUV,  FCC,  KC
Housing Materials Flame retardant ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene
Management SW CruAMS (CrucialTrak Access Management System)
Connections 4p power connector, 20p connector, Ethernet connector, USB 2.0 connector (debug), HDMI micro connector (debug)
Mounting Piggy bag mounting

Product View

BACS™ Tube


BACS™ Tube Dimensions

User Guide

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Stand at a distance of 60-100 cm (23.6-39.3 in) from the product, and look at the face camera.   Adjust your face so it is parallel to the camera.   Make sure the iris camera is between your eyes by using the front surface mirror.

Iris Recognition

Palm Vein Recognition Stand at a distance of 30–40 cm (11.8-15.7 in) from the product, and look at the face camera.   Adjust your face so it is parallel to the camera.   Make sure the iris camera is between your eyes by using the front surface mirror.   Look at the camera for 1–3 seconds.   The iris light will turn red when your irises are recognized.



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Tube Quick User Guide

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