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Unlike the use of other forms of authentication such as passwords or tokens, biometric recognition provides a distinct association between an individual and a claimed identity. CrucialTrak utilizes multi-biometrics in most of its products, taking advantage of the capabilities of each biometric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology.


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Access Solutions

BACS ™ access control solution increases building security while providing flexible employee and visitor access management. The 100% touchless access control solution helps you avoid hygiene issues that can occur when there are large numbers of users.

Our access solutions cover biometric readers, speed gates, smart doors, enroll stations, and visitor management software.


Industrial Automation Solutions

BACS ™ Tube is an innovative industrial solution to protect assets using biometric facial and iris recognition. It reduces time and effort required in the existing card or password logon process while maintaining quality control through an efficient access control process.


Automotive Solutions

CrucialTrak’s automotive solution offers comprehensive fleet management & monitoring system. It features a biometric driver recognition in vehicles, allowing Control Centers to monitor the time and attendance, as well as location and driving conditions of employed drivers.


Consumer Commodities

Our newest product in the line-up is Temon, a non-contact thermometer accessory for smartphones. Temon offers a convenient solution for checking temperatures quickly anywhere, anytime and tracking your measurements conveniently with a smartphone app.


CrucialTrak BACS™ Brochure

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